[Re]-Activist Architecture

The studio is focused on reinvigorating places through the stimulation of local cultures and distinction derived through temporary propositions and event leading to long term legacy proposals and lasting change cementing local diversity.

We use Situationist techniques of derive, constructed situation and detournment to explore and identify project opportunities. The studio studies cities of culture, visiting European cities of Culture to understand their strategies of cultural relevance, reinvigoration and participation. We compare these cities with capitals where cultural diversity, vibrancy and independence thrive. This year we visited Aarhus ECC 2016 and Copenhagen whist working with and in Hull City of Culture 2017 our site was The River Hull Corridor and the East Bank

The studio views the profession as an ongoing role of curation, with active participatory involvement rather than the, ‘removed master-planner’. We explore the nature of an ongoing participatory role which is neither top down or bottom up but a synthesis of such bringing together long term aspirations of city stakeholders, private investors and the immediate concerns of local residents and communities to establish vibrant, distinct, social and fun places to live and work to enhance the image of the city in the eyes of their inhabitants.

Our intention is to dene new forms of architecture through the amalgamation of unconventional partners to propose new symbiotic relationships of mutually benecial situations. Built forms are placed into adaptive urban environments, which respond to urban and environmental issues dening new contexts in which to site architectural intervention and amplify place distinction.

Studio [Re]-Activist in Aarhus.

Exploring Christiania, Paul Bailey.

Sectional Perspective, Paul Bailey.

Constructed situation - SITCOM, Muyiwa Oki.

The Bicycle Kitchen South Elevation, Muyiwa Oki.

Hybrid City Axo, Toby Buckmaster.

Hybrid City Section, Toby Buckmaster.

Installation on the Scale Lane Bridge, Jennifer Macro.

The Shipwright House, Jennifer Macro.

Pavilions, Lilly Ingleby.

Composite Axo, Lilly Ingleby.

Moment, Robyn Poulson.

Market Hall Interior, Robyn Poulson.

Constructed Situation- Graffiti Wall, Jamie Reid.

The Cube model, Jamie Reid.

Addressing the Silt, Adam Justice.

Hull Leisure Pier Poster, Adam Justice.

Arrival, Joe Ingham.

Automated Collection, Joe Ingham.

Derive through Hull, Juliette Sung.

The Buskers Club, Juliette Sung.

Storyboard, Kate Nicholson.

Section through auditorium, Kate Nicholson.

Exterior Perspective, Thomas Saunders.

Forum Interior Perspective, Thomas Saunders.