Hughes Home

Changing needs

Each of our projects is a bespoke response to the client, their specific requirements and the building or site. Hughes home extends the house but more importantly it redefines the whole ground floor and reflects the clients changing needs.

The architectural moves are modest but we hope the impact will revolutionise how the Hughes family will use their home. 
The existing property is over two floors with a side extension that was built in the 1950’s. The side extensions layout on the ground floor works as a separate granny annex that is no longer required. The layout of the main house has been subdivided with the dining room and living room isolating the kitchen. There is little connection into the large garden at present. The design moves have been simply arranged to provide greater access into the garden whilst also bringing the garden into the house through the use of glazing along the full extension length. A new central modern log burner will create the heart of the home and focal point to the reconfigured ground floor and garden extension.