City centre regeneration

Group Ginger is working with Development Securities and Cathedral Group, U&I, to design a significant mixed use proposal for the centre of Lichfield, a medieval Cathedral City. In partnership with Lichfield District Council we’re creating a natural extension to Lichfield town centre, connecting the council offices, town centre and Three Spires Shopping Centre to encourage shoppers to spend more time in this historic town. The mix of shops, restaurants and homes will increase retail activity, footfall and dwell time in the city centre. This will help retain existing shoppers and also attract new visitors, which will benefit the existing retail units, on Bakers Lane along with the wider retail and leisure offer in Lichfield.

Lichfield’s Birmingham Road area needs to be revitalised in a way that will link up to and complement the rest of the city centre. Retailing is no longer about over the counter sales and town centre retail needs to engage in the leisure experience with stores acting as theatrical entertainment spaces and the public realm linking these environments becoming another pleasurable experience.  High street retailing is a recreational rather than a practical exercise and the balance of town centre development needs to focus on the leisure experience

We have approached the site with a proposal that can be delivered incrementally over time, consequently securing the developer and the city early certainty and a city centre scheme that can continue to grow and develop over time. Group Ginger is managing the public and stakeholder consultation in this sensitive area. The design demonstrates how we are able to introduce contemporary architecture into a sensitive setting whilst maintaining the support of the community, retailers and the local Authority.