St Johns

Small clusters of apartments arranged around stair cores drive efficiency and nurture neighbourly interaction.  The apartments are articulated as terraces and large houses to respect the listed context and conservation area setting. Raised ground floor flats have dual entrances to maintain an active street life whilst common semi-private areas are protected from the busy street.

The St John’s Hospital building opposite has a strong vertical emphasis with eight overtly expressed chimneys.  The new terrace opposite holds the street line, is of similar length to St John’s Hospital and has expressed double storey dormer windows reflecting the vertical emphasis of the chimneys. 

St John Street is one edge of the urban ladder plan.  The roads which form the rungs of the ladder end on St John Street and consequently the Street is expressed as a number of small terraces with multiple corner buildings.  The ends of the new apartment buildings turn the corner and have roof terraces to reduce the bulk to each corner and a return mansard roof to ensure consistency.