St Peter's Square

Urban short cut and pocket park

The new pocket park draws on themes of performance, prominent in the Quarry Hill cultural quarter, to create a playful public space. The design reflects the musical heritage of Leeds College of Music, as well as the artistic and performance-led culture of its neighbours; the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Yorkshire Dance, BBC Yorkshire, Munro House, the Wardrobe and Northern Ballet.


The new stage provides a platform for organised or impromptu outdoor performance. Take to the stage and the responsive lights come on; you become the key actor in the space. An urban short cut acknowledges the familiar Abbey Road or if you prefer references The White Stripes, celebrating an everyday occurrence of crossing the city. It literally puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face.


Seating is provided through stacked structural timbers on which you can sit, stand or jump.  This is a space in which your presence and activity in addition to those of others is encouraged and not controlled.  Illuminated after dark like a garden party the celebratory permissive themes continue through all hours of the day and night. The space is now the front door to this cultural quarter; it is inviting, permissive and fun. Feel free to come and play.