PROSCENIUM; Public art commission

The existing concourse at Leeds station is a cluttered environment. It needs to provide visitors with a clear and legible route into the city as well as allow for waiting areas and the relay of departure and arrival times. The proposal’s form is derived from the existing geometries of space. The proscenium aligns with the existing train information display and the structure of the existing concourse hall including the coffered ceiling.

By aligning with these two conflicting geometries and bringing them together into a single polygon form a unique and bespoke shape is established which is specific to its location. The new structure doesn’t add to the clutter but makes sense of the space and the way in which it is used. The structure becomes a single object in space, a pavilion. Moving towards the platforms the new structure sits behind the transport display boards and all of the information displayed is about transportation, arrival and departure times. When arriving, the new proscenium structure is clearly visible providing a striking meeting point and an area to welcome visitors with information about the cultural offer available in Leeds.



Leeds City Council