Victory Works

Group Ginger are working to realise their client’s ambition and aspiration for an existing historic asset in Leeds city centre; Southbank. The project will provide 400m2of office accommodation within in one of the remaining historic buildings within the Leeds Dock and Southbank area. The building has been vacant for a number of years and the proposals will improve the building, add additional space and enhance its historic character by celebrating a number of original structural features. The proposed design will increase its presence on Black Bull Street and make the property attractive to future tenants.

Leeds South Bank is changing with large areas of land targeted for development. Victory Works is the only remaining frontage onto Black Bull Street. Proposed development with the Tetley development and HS2 will mean that the existing context will dramatically evolve and Victory Works will become a key historic asset within the wider context. The existing building is one of only a few standing historic buildings in the Leeds Docks area. The building was associated with the timber yards on South Brook Street.

The proposed layout amplifies the spaces within the existing historic fabric and provides support space in a refurbished and reconfigured side addition. The side addition provides kitchens, toilets, showers and social amenities to meet the requirements expected of a healthy place of work. The efficient design of support spaces maximises the internal usable areas and creates large open office studios.The existing roof structure will be revealed and left exposed to maximise the height within the upper floor. The rear elevation will be re-clad in metal rainscreen cladding with new thermal elements to ensure the existing building performance is improved. The existing boundary wall to the rear will be lowered to introduce new day lighting and ventilation to the rear of the building.

The existing access from Chadwick Street and Black Bull Street is retained and enhanced allowing each floor to be accessed separately, which consequently minimises landlord space and provides tenants with control over the entire demise.

The existing building will be refurbished using similar materials that are sympathetic to the original building. Sections of render will be removed at ground floor with brickwork reinstated. The existing render to the first floor will be made good and painted with artwork to create a visual statement.  The pattern applied to the facade creates a visually striking advertisement for the building down a busy street.