Group Ginger judge at the NAS X NUAS Design Competition

Group Ginger were invited to judge at the second annual NAS X NUAS Design Competition.

The brief centred around ideas of community and charity. Teams were asked to pick one of the following local charities to be the focus of their designs: Newcastle Carers, Angelou Centre, Dwellbeing, and The New Bridge Project. Teams' final outputs were asked to show a strong understanding of their chosen charity's concepts, values, and work. Exhibition Park was the chosen site due to its popularity for many different activities and events, and teams were given a large area of the park to place their designs. Teams had the day to come up with a design proposal and put together an A1 presentation board to pin-up at Kings Hall on Newcastle University's campus for the judges to review.

It was a pleasure for Group Ginger to be involved in such an exciting and inspiring event!

NAS x NUAS-17.jpg
NAS x NUAS-21.jpg
NAS x NUAS-57.jpg