Blakey Moor Terrace; Revised Planning Approval

Group Ginger have received approval for revised proposals to restore Blakey Moor Terrace following a series of structural failures to the existing building.

When Forrest Contracts began working on site early last year, it became clear that due to damage caused by national storms in January and February 2022, the existing building had become structurally unstable and beyond economic repair. As a result, we have been given the opportunity to renew our proposals for the end section of Blakey Moor Terrace.

The new end unit is curved in plan to provide a more seamless transition to Unit 3 (previous subway). Six arched windows have been included on the first floor to respond to the original buildings heritage six arched windows along its main two elevations. Whilst the arched windows are traditional in their style, the introduction of special brick detail panels gives the design a contemporary approach, creating a new feature building that complements the original lower section.

Perspective visuals by AxsonOffice