Group Ginger has been selected as one of Britain's Best Emerging Architects.

Published in association with the Architecture Foundation, New Architects 4 showcases the wealth of emerging architectural talent in the United Kingdom. It provides a unique guide to over 80 of the most innovative and talented young architectural practices, many of which are destined to become the leading practices of tomorrow. With this publication, the fourth in a ground-breaking series that began in 1998, the Architecture Foundation continues its tradition of championing new generations of architects and helping the development of many young practices.

The first edition of New Architects was cited by architects and clients as the one key reference source for the commissioning of public and private projects, offering a critical outlook on the buoyant British architectural scene. The Observer newspaper said of New Architects 2, published by Merrell in 2001: In terms of providing an insight into future trends in architecture, it is hard to beat. Today, the British architectural scene remains lively and diverse, yet it is still difficult for young practices to gain significant commissions. This brand-new book, featuring practices selected by a jury of architectural professionals, represents the next generation of talent, and will be invaluable for all those interested in creating the best new additions to our built environment. The book provides a comprehensive, independent expert assessment of each practice.  Offering both practical information on how to get the most out of the client/architect relationship and an overview of the architecture scene in the UK, this book will serve not only as a reference for clients, advisers and urban planners, but also as a resource to inspire readers and celebrate the value of high-quality contemporary architecture.