Blakey Moor terrace

Successive and uncontrolled alterations have left the heritage asset of Blakey Moor Terrace structurally unsound, at risk and unoccupied. The buildings decline and under use; negatively impacts on the surrounding economy and conservation area. The restoration and appropriation of the terrace provides flexible spaces for food, drink, retail, arts and leisure. The proposals complement the wider ambition for cultural regeneration of the area and help to increase visits to King George’s Hall to positively impact on the evening economy.

Group Ginger have successfully managed the constrained budget, curating structural repair to provide a series of dramatic new accessible spaces. Previously inaccessible land to the rear of the terrace has been integrated providing new public spaces and an impressive rear south facing courtyard. Detailed planning and conservation area consent have been secured. The National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) have confirmed their approval of the scheme and grant support, commenting that the modern design successfully reinterprets the historic model to re-purpose and revitalise the heritage asset. Group Ginger have introduced an elegant re-interpretation of the original building, while preserving the historical quality of the terrace.

Careful curation of the structural works required to stabilise the building has enabled the creation of a dramatic three storey volume with mezzanine. This intervention dramatically alters the space reappropriating it for the proposed new use, shifting the perception of the terrace and establishing a new leisure destination in the centre to complement the cultural quarter.

2019 – ongoing