The Brunswick Tall Boys

A place that will become home

The design concept was to establish a town house, providing select beers, food, live music and exhibition space. Each floor has a distinct use and character which work together to complement each other and create a new destination in North Leeds.  The intention is to create a welcoming, domestic scale bar that feels warm and comfortable. A place that will become home and feel like it has been there, not forever but long enough that it is part of the city and demonstrative of its independent heart.  The interior design includes, bespoke furniture and lighting designed by Group Ginger to ensure that this place looks and feels like no other in Leeds.

The existing building has seen a wide variety uses previously; ranging from a place of Christian Worship to a clothing store. Our intention was to repair the fabric, inserting new activities to modernise the building. The design proposals accentuate the existing features and compliment them with modern insertions that are a reflection of the client and their brand. 



North Leeds Developments